Land Plot, Jankovica Krs, Cetinje


90000 sq meters of undeveloped land plot with the most beautiful panoramic view in Montenegro from the top of the hill 400 meters above the sea level. Ideal location for private villas, ethno village, hotel as well as the restaurant that would work all year around, due to a pleasant climate and the gorgeous view of the river, the lake and the mountains.  The plot in particular as well as the area has a huge potential for tourism business and it is expected to grow in the near future.  Some wealthy individuals own private villas and land in this land plot’s vicinity. The plot is very close to the main road, therefore very well connected with Cetinje, the royal capital and Podgorica, administrative capital. This land plot is located 10km away from Cetinje, 20km away from capital of Podgorica.  The nearest beach is 40km away.  Podgorica International Airport is very close to this location, about 30 minutes away.   SIZE: 100.000 sq meters  PRICE: €400,000.00 

Basic Features

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