Montenegro regained its independence in May of 2006, and later fully committed to becoming a full-fledged EU member state. The Government of Montenegro has demonstrated its determination to utilize country’s tourist potential for the purpose of generating long-term benefits for its citizens and the economy of the country. Some of the features of Montenegro are as follows:
In top 3 fastastest growing tourist destination
An increase at the rate of 17% per year
Montenegrin Government has introduced a legislation to strongly support
On account of economic and political stability and resilience
Rights of foreign investors are equalized
Foreign companies can have 100 percent ownership
To ensure efficacy and resolve
Montenegro recently repositioned its tourism policy
By 2015, Montenegro is expected to become the fastest growing tourist destination
One of Top 10 holiday destinations
It boasts 18 Blue Flag beaches
More than 80 specialized tour operators
The government’s diligent imposition and planning has prevented
The government strives to ensure that all new tourism